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Lent: My Kind of Resolution

I’ve never really bought into the New Year’s resolutions. Usually I forget about them by January 3rd and by the time the semester starts I’ve already lapsed into old habits. I’ve never found New Year’s resolutions believable. “I’m going to go to the gym three times a week” (which, let’s get real, for someone who goes not at all to that kind of regime over night is harder than me getting an A on a math test… and I suck at math). And even then, a resolution like that is designed to form a habit that, like many habits, probably won’t last forever and will wax and wane at best.

Lent, however, is definitely more definitive. It’s not asking you to gain something (i.e. more gym time), but give up a vice. A singular vice. And while a New Years resolution can follow the same logic, lent has a definitive end. Forty days. Much more doable. And you’d be surprised how much something like that can stick to you. You’re not denying yourself cheesecake forever, but for forty days and then you can eat as much cheesecake that your heart desires.

In my experience it’s easier to keep to a regime when there’s an end in sight. That way, if I follow through but ultimately revert back to old habits, I’ve set a goal and have completed it. If anything I’ve proven that. Which leads on to my confidence to accomplish tasks that are much more intimidating.

But what I’ve found throughout my experience with Lent, while it has never completely eradicated bad habits (although once it did lead to a three year abstention of soda), it has forced me to find alternatives to certain cravings. And while now I have a soda every now and then, I never get the I’m-going-to-keel-over-if-I-don’t-have-a-diet-coke hunger that I used to. (Once I consumed a Pibb pretty much on a daily basis. Needless to say, my teeth were not happy with me.)

This year soda is back on the list (because I have slipped into some bad habits with senioritis) and fast food (defined as: any food that is not made to order). Also chewy candy (notoriously bad for your teeth).

Honestly, this on the grand scheme of things, is not a top priority for me. (It probably doesn’t even get into the top fifteen.) But it’s something that’s happening in my life where I can talk about it and I don’t really mind putting it out there*.

I have been dying to write more. I went back and read some old files and I had such promise. Now each word feels like it’s being painfully ripped from my mind. But I’ve been reading more, which has inspired me to write more. I have even started writing down the adventures of my friends and me in a high fantasy world. It’s all crack and no substance, but it’s something.

In other news, I really want to make this:


For Future Reference

*the interwebs